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Our Impact

Since getting started in late 2020, Bluestone VOICES for Autism has distributed scholarships totaling nearly $80,000 to families, centers and therapists-in-training across Michigan.

We raise funds through individual donors, corporate sponsors, and by hosting annual fundraising events tailored to our community, from kid-friendly carnivals to golf tournaments that attract corporate sponsorship. We look forward to continuing to grow the ways in which we can support children with autism and those who support them.

Bluestone has been a huge gift to our family. After receiving an autism diagnosis and a rare genetic disorder, we learned very quickly how much therapy our son Jaxon would need. What we couldn’t predict was just how much it would impact and change his life for the better. Jaxon goes to ABA therapy 5x a week and speech therapy 2x a week. As busy as this makes his schedule, it has been a joy watching how much progress he has made through these therapies. We were not prepared for the financial stress that this would cause our family. Yes, a family who has fairly good insurance. But we still had to meet a $6,000.00+ deductible and were paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket each month to ensure our Jax received all the necessary help he deserved. Bluestone’s scholarship helped with Jaxon’s therapy and allowed us a couple months to just breathe. They were like a life vest that pulled us out of the water we have been treading- and for that we are forever grateful! - Taylor

Jaxon and his family

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