Bluestone VOICES for Autism awards financial aid each quarter to support families of and providers for children on the autism spectrum.

Upcoming application deadlines​



Who can apply?


  • Any family who has a child with autism (ages 0-17) currently receiving ABA/Speech/OT services in Michigan

  • Treatment centers in Michigan seeking help acquiring equipment

  • Individuals pursuing a degree in Michigan in a field related to the treatment of children on the autism spectrum


How much financial aid can I receive?


Financial Aid awards are based on the available Bluestone VOICES for Autism funds and the financial situation of the applicant. Final determination is made by the Bluestone VOICES for Autism Board of Directors. Typical financial aid awards are around $1200.


What information do I need to provide?


We ask for information and documentation regarding income, insurance and therapy needs in order to determine financial need. In addition to the Financial Aid application, applicants need to submit IRS forms and pay stubs where applicable.


Can I apply more than once?


Yes! Whether or not you have received financial aid from Bluestone VOICES for Autism in the past, you are welcome to submit a new application each quarterly application period.


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How can I submit my application?

You can send all required documents digitally via email, or print and mail. Please see the application instructions for the most up-to-date options regarding submission.

I still have a question!

Please contact us with any other questions!